Package org.nsdl.mptstore.core

Main classes for working with a triplestore.


Interface Summary
ClosableIterator<E> An Iterator that should be closed when finished.
DatabaseAdaptor The main high-level interface for working with a triplestore.
DDLGenerator Provides RDBMS-specific DDL string(s) for table management functions.
TableManager Provides thread-safe read/write access to the tables used by MPTStore.

Class Summary
AbstractDDLGenerator A partial DDLGenerator that implements the table dropping functionality.
BasicTableManager A TableManager designed to perform DDL operations on separate connections from those used for DML.
GenericDatabaseAdaptor A DatabaseAdaptor designed to work with any database.

Exception Summary
ModificationException Signals an error while adding or removing triples.

Package org.nsdl.mptstore.core Description

Main classes for working with a triplestore.